Stepping Motor and Ball / Leading Screw External Combination Linear Actuator and Through Shaft Screw Stepper Motor Linear Actuator

High performance driving units, which combines Stepping Motor and Ball Screws/Lead Screws to eliminate coupling. Stepping Motor is mounted directly onto the end of Ball Screw/Lead Screw and Shaft is ideally constructed to form the Motor Rotor Shaft, this minimizes lost motion. To eliminate the Coupling and the compact design of total length can be achieved.

Products Details

Motor and Products ListStructure upgrade, simple transmission: the 2-phase stepping motor is directly installed on the shaft end of the ball screw, and the ball screw shaft center is used as the ideal structure for the motor rotation axis. Compact and lightweight: the 2-phase stepping motor and rolling ball screw are integrated products. Through the integration of the motor shaft and the ball screw shaft, no coupling is required, and the size of the long side is saved.These linear actuators are ideal for applications that require a combination of precise positioning, rapid motion and long life. Typical applications include X-Y tables, medical equipment, semiconductor handling, telecommunications equipment, valve control, and numerous other uses. Various customizations are available upon request, such as screw lengths, custom designed nuts, anti-backlash nuts, safety brakes, encoders, etc.Standard Models ListHigh precision, high stability, cost-effective: the combination of the rolling ball screw and the 2-phase stepping motor saves the coupling, and the integrated structure reduces the combined accuracy error, which can make the repeated positioning accuracy ±0.001mm. Shaft ends are available in a variety of styles and can be customized as required. The motor specifications are 20, 28, 35, 42, 57 stepper motors, which can be matched with ball screws and resin sliding screws.PDF CataloguePDF Catalogue

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